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Thealoz Duo eye drops
Thealoz Duo preservative-free eye drops for dry eyesABAK bottle for preservative-free multi-dose eye dropsThealoz Duo preservative-free eye drops

Thealoz Duo eye drops


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{Description}Thea’s most advanced preservative-free combination of sodium hyaluronate and trehalose - for lubrication, hydration and protection against dry eye - in a hypotonic formulation that can be used with contact lenses.

THEALOZ DUO works in two ways:
Its key ingredient is trehalose, a natural substance present in many plants and animals that are able to survive in extremely dry conditions. Trehalose has properties which protect the eyes surface and is particularly suitable for chronic dry eye symptoms and people exposed to dry environments.

Sodium hyaluronate adds moisture by holding water to hydrate and lubricate the surface of the eye.
This combination makes it the ideal choice for ALL dry eye sufferers, whatever the cause.

The drops can be applied as often as necessary throughout the day, and are also suitable for contact lens wearers to apply either before or during wear.

It is also available as a box of 30 single unit doses, which can be ideal for travelling.

Find out more about THEALOZ DUO on the main Thea Pharmaceuticals website.
Manufacturer: Thea Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Form: Dry eye drops

Size: 10ml bottle


Can be used while wearing contact lenses

After opening can be used for: 90 days

Osmolarity: 202 mOsm/kg

Key ingredients:
  3.00% Trehalose
  0.15% Sodium hyaluronate 
Full ingredients:
Trehalose, Sodium hyaluronate, Sodium Chloride, Trometamol, Hydrochloric acid and Water for injections

*All ingredients are correct to the best of our knowledge, but may be subject to change.
Some of our latest customer reviews

    These drops are amazing for dry eyes. I used them when wearing contact lenses and since laser surgery for cataracts am using them to keep my eyes comfortable.  (18/11/2020) -

  Good eye drops poor container   I have fairly recently started to use Thealoz Duo eye drops and have found them to be excellent but I find the container requires far too much pressure to squeeze out a drop. This often results in moving the container and missing my eye.  (13/08/2020) R.Clark - E.Sussex

    Good product for dry eyes, worth recommendation  (06/02/2020) Aneta Niesterow -

    Love the preservative free part of it. Have to apply a few times during the night, maybe a solution which isn't so thin would stay put better?  (24/01/2020) Angela Sword -

    These eye drops help with my perennial dry-eye problem.  (23/01/2020) Penelope Perry -

    Product promptly delivered exactly as ordered. Many thanks.  (05/12/2019) Simon Brown -

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