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Blephasteam deviceBlephasteam is supplied with a UK 3-pin plug but can be used outside the UK with the aid of an adaptor plugThe unique eyelid-warming device BlephasteamBlephasteam replacement rings



Price: 200.00

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Shipping Restriction: Cannot be posted to USA, Australia or New Zealand

{Description}BLEPHASTEAM provides moist heat therapy. This dual action unblocks the meibomian glands, improves the tear quality, therefore improving symptoms, ocular health, vision and comfort.

BLEPHASTEAM was developed as a CE marked medical device based on the original scientific studies of Dr JR Fuller.

Supplied with a UK 3-pin plug but can be used outside the UK with the aid of an adaptor plug.

The device is supplied with 100 . Each ring can only be used once and must be replaced for each session meaning the initial supply will last for 50 uses.

Find out more about BLEPHASTEAM on the main Thea Pharmaceuticals website.
Manufacturer: Thea Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Some of our latest customer reviews

    It's a bit heavy. It's too early to say whether it really makes a difference. I'll wait and see what my ophthalmologist has to say at the next visit.  (04/12/2018) Sanni Kruger -

    I read the feedback on this product before I decided to purchase one. I did not find that the goggles have to be on too tight for it to work. Yes the buttons are a bit stiff but not something I would complain about. After the 10 min your eyes are left with a light covering of moisture which really helps to massage them. I have spent years with the feeling that I had a hair poking in my eye- of course there is not. I have been assessed and told the surface of my eye is like sandpaper - which is why I have such awful sensations in them, in addition this gives me chronic light sensitivity. I used this once before bed and the next day the "something" in my eye sensation had gone. I only have managed to use it once a day and this sensation has never come back - so worth it if this is all it achieves. There has been no change to my light sensitivity 2 week on. And my eyes still feel as dry as they did and I am still putting drops in at the same rate. But its early days.......  (03/06/2018) janet ashfield -

    Fantastic bit of kit. Yes it does take 15 minutes to pre heat but unlike eye bags etc this stays at exactly the same temperature for the desired time and with one use moist paper rings it?s like a sauna for your eyes & easy to massage the eye lids due to the moisture. I?ve had severe dry eyes for years & this does help, be it quite expensive, it?s worth the investment in my opinion.  (22/05/2018) Matthew Danton -

    Can feel this helping my dry eyes immediately  (04/04/2018) Mrs Crawford -

    Beyond my expectations I felt the positive result from my third time of use.  (19/12/2017) Ahmed Abu Khamiss -

    Easy to use, make my eye moist.  (16/11/2017) Anchalee Dhepchalerm -

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